Monday, July 8, 2013

Managing your network in and out of the US Military

I think many of my readers are probably Veterans, so while you can now sign up for RallyPoint as a Veteran and keep in touch with other members from your past units, the main focus of RallyPoint right now is on helping US Military members find the right posting.

I know one of the biggest frustrations a lot of Soldiers had was the fact that their career was in the hands of some faceless "Branch Manager" deep in the Army bureaucracy. RallyPoint aims to end that by creating openness and transparency RallyPoint is revolutionizing the way its members discover and pursue the best military opportunities.

RallyPoint Universe is a particularly cool feature if you want to be able to see who you are connected with, and where they are in the military.

RallyPoint’s founders are recent Iraq veterans who first met in Iraq and then reunited at Harvard Business School, which I think is a neat story and one of many companies and groups founded by Veterans of recent wars.

Of course, the power of a network like this only pays off when there are a significant number of people on it. So check it out and pass it on - RallyPoint, it could just be the LinkedIn of the US Military.

They also seem to have partnerships with some corporations that are interested in hiring people coming out of the military, the way hiring is these days, every little bit can help someone leaving the military. Hopefully, they can also offer tools in the future to help translate military skills into civilian resumes.