Monday, March 30, 2009

AfPak plan given poor marks?

Mike was early in saying Iraq was sliding into civil war, was one of the first to call the surge a success (he saw it from a grounds-eye view), and left Iraq for Afghanistan almost two years ago because that was where he felt the center shift. He drew attention to the crisis brewing in Afghanistan long before even McCain.

Of course now all that is conventional wisdom. While he could be wrong this time, it is worrying that, as he says:

There is little in the Obama plan to be excited about. Some have called it "bold," but from my boots it looks like a recipe for disaster.

We are steaming toward failure in AfPak, but with more steam than ever before.
I am not read on enough to know the truth, and as in Iraq, I am quite sure the "truth" is shrouded in a veil.

At any rate, if Mike is saying it, it is worth considering.


"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

My only bitch was: Bush screwed up by sending us into Iraq for no legal reason. (I got to see all the "stuff" so I know there was no reason). I went and did my duty... but now that the Spanish courts have sent out arrest warrants for some of those in our gov who authorized illegal stuff, I say "cool."
There is never a legal, just reason to do some of the crap the last group in the white house did...they broke all kinds of laws, and did it with stupid arrogance. nothing they did made us any safer, it just made more people hate the US. The more enemies you have, the less safer you are.
If asked, I'd go again, and deploy, but only to protect the troops and do my part to bring everyone home safe.
I think it would be impossible for B.O. to screw things up any worse the G.W. did...and O.B. is not breaking any laws.
Follow the FM, Follow the law, and follow all legal orders.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

Yeah, I'm not defending the previous administration, although I don't buy the "illegal war" argument - we go to war all the time without the UN's backing, talk about a bunch of corrupt cronies. Kosovo was an illegal war. There are plenty of other arguments to be made about Iraq.

Anyhow, just because Bush screwed up doesn't mean Obama can't too. I hope to hell he doesn't, my only point is Mike Yon has a great track record, because unlike most reporter, and all decision/policy makers he is on the ground. Guess we'll see.