Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Honor Killings in the US

As the muslim population in the US increases, don't be surprised to see more these - coming to a town near you soon.

Muslim Television Channel Founder Charged With Beheading His Wife

Here's what this prick had to say about the founding of his TV station.

"Every day on television we are barraged by stories of a 'Muslim extremist, militant, terrorist, or insurgent,'" Hassan said in the 2004 release. "But the stories that are missing are the countless stories of Muslim tolerance, progress, diversity, service and excellence that Bridges TV hopes to tell."
Good job asshole, hope you rot in hell. The other travesty on this is New York is charging this guy with SECOND degree murder. WTF? Where is CAIR on this?


"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

Yeah I read about this story as soon as it hit the news...what a backwards p.o.s. he is. Any extream group needs to make sure that their own sh-- don't stink before they start bashing America.
Everyone hates us, but when you ask them where they wanna' live---they all say "America!"
Don't worry about the 2nd degree murder charge....his life in prison will be hell...I hope he live a long long time in prison....(don't forget that there are some folks in prison who like play toys like this guy.)

"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

Hey Grumpy,
WTF R U up 2? (didn't know I could text did U?)