Saturday, August 9, 2008

Memories of Babylon

Well, based on yourfeedback feedback, I will continue to write. I think I will start with the story of how I hurt my shoulder, which may take a couple of posts to complete. In the meantime, this is a little collage I had put together in the last days of our deployment, but never managed to post it.

Speaking of last days in Iraq, I remember seeing a bus full of Georgian Soldiers, who had deployed to Iraq to cover down on an area the Poles had pulled out of. They are all apparently leaving Iraq, as they are needed back home. God speed to them as they go to battle the Russians. Seems to me the Georgians overplayed their hand, hopefully this doesn't escalate out of control, as it could have seriously negative effects on oil supplies that are shipped thru the region.
Pentagon officials said late on Friday that Georgia had requested assistance in airlifting home the approximately 2,000 Georgian troops now in Iraq.
For some reason, it makes me think of when I was first in, they still had posters up in the barracks of "Ivan" - the ubiquitous Soviet Soldier. "Ivan is ready are You?" they would read, along with a picture of some buff Spetsnaz commando. Yeah, I'm getting old, it's hard to remember now, but a lot of people really expected war with the Red Menace.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, and I'll hope to get something interesting up this week.


LT Nixon said...

Cool Photos! Who the fuck is Ivan, gramps?!? I kid I kid. Nice Sadr pic, haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grump...

love the slides

so glad you'll still be blogging.

i'll be getting back to it soon myself.

therapy really IS too expensive.ha.

yours was a blog where i could hear subtle changes in your tone and would wonder what was happening to you and if you were okay as you moved through your deployment.