Monday, July 21, 2008

Help Soldier's Angels help Soldiers

You may have heard over at Blackfive that Soldier's Angels needs some help. These good folks provide some amazing support to Soldiers and their families in need. Certainly, if you can the best way to support them is to give direct. However, for those who may recall, Sergeant Grumpy also will donate 100% of commissions earned as a referral to Amazon to Soldier's Angels as well.

Now while I do not want to encourage unnecessary shopping - if you are going to buy something from Amazon anyway, please consider shopping for it through this blog, and know that your shopping will do some good.

Looking for recommendations for Warriors you know? Shop Sergeant Grumpy's Warrior store and commission there also support Soldier's Angels.

Sergeant Grumpy's Warrior Store


blue said...

i'll get this up on my blog and a couple of others I know right now...peace grumpy.