Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just a Picture


Tin Ma'am said...

on your way home?

"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

The M-249 SAW, made by Friggen FN, is a weak POS. It takes a really long burst to stop some cars.
I recommend the M240B, or the M2-.50 Cal for stopping cars better.

I hope you wasn't on the gun to get that photo...that's what people with a low ASVAP score are for dude.

But, speaking of being on the gun...did I tell you about that time I almost hosed down the Mayor of Fallujah and his family when they drove up behind our stopped convoy of 2 trucks?

They came just a squeeze away from a long burst on the SAW.

Anonymous said...

This was an profound post.

Traveling mercies, Grump. covering you and that POS is it, D?? okay well EXTRA prayers for the POS weapon, then.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

"D"/Hope - Uh, take a closer look, that is the 240B and it stops cars fine. Each of our trucks has a .50 on the turret and a 240 in back. Well except for the truck with the mini-gun. That cuts cars in half.

Kat - Roadtrip

Anonymous said...

i was giggling over the 249 comments and was happy to see grumpy catch it. Hope, my guess is that grumpy was driving. he may be the best combat driver around.he is certainly the best i have been in combat with. he is unflappable and calm under pressure. in fact i don't think that pressure even effects him.
time to drop some info on this guy. he probably won't like me doing this cause he's a modest person.
Grumpy is a fine soldier, a good man and an outstanding human being. he takes his job seriously even when nobody is watching (or he thinks no one is watching)
he managed to keep his (and others) spirits up when they could have been understandably low.
i have had the honor of working with him under extreme and auspicious conditions. we have endured much together, JRTC, HIM and HE, the troll, ODL, questionable practices from people who refuse to listen to (or answer) questions, contradictory leadership and the occaisional short meeting.
through it all Grumpy has performed brilliantly.
Grumpy admits to being a paratrooper, but he has neglected to say that our unit is not the average airborne unit. i won't say more for opsec reasons but suffice to say that Grumpy has outperformed many "operators" that i have known.
i am proud to call him my friend.
the "DUDE"

Anonymous said...


None of what you said comes as a surprise. Not one little bit. Thanks for the read though. It's nice to hear other's say outloud what you already think and well then there's the whole detail thing...mamas love details. You all are real lucky to have each other. Take care and know we think and pray for all of you often. Mail's on standby until you all give the word. Stay safe and again...traveling mercies.


Anonymous said...

whoops I forgto to say i wanted to clarify "profound post" it was profound in it's clarity. It's the first pic that gives me a sense of where you are and what you must be thinking to take care of you and your men when what youa re looking at out the back of this truck is so inocuous. It was pretty cool to have another piece for my picture which as a civilian is pretty incomplete.

"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

I'm retiring and turning in my Infantry Blue Cord...I should have looked closer at the ammo box...but you have to admit, it's an angle that makes it look smaller... I'm so imbarressed that I called it the wrong gun... I'll have to burn all my certificates and FMs and other crap since I was wrong...

Be safe...anyone worth shooting once is worth shooting twice -Double Tap...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Hope, "Mamas love details."
Dude - that was some awesome background on Grumpy - we are all humbled by the degree of respect you guys have for each other. We pray for you all. Thanks.