Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wringing in the New Year

Well the Holidaze are over and we are back in the swing of things. My ankle was almost back to 100% from the last time we got mortared, and sure as shit when we got hit recently, I twisted my ankle really bad. Every damn time, I am running to get to my gun crew and I twist my ankle on these fucking rocks that serve no purpose other than to make you lose you footing. I swear I'd like to wring the neck of whatever jackass dumped this stuff all over the compound. (Must have been the lowest bidder)

At least this time we got clearance and fired back quickly. Hard to explain why, but it is easier to take when you are able to send some HE back at the bastards. The first couple of times we couldn't get someone to release us to fire, so the word quickly got around we weren't shooting back. So we got hit more - these "insurgents" (murdering thugs) are really brave when they can't get hurt, that's why they love killing women and children, but we know where they are shooting from, so we went out and told the leaders in that area they better call us beforehand if they see anything. Maybe next time they will call in if they see something suspicious so we can have it taken care of beforehand, rather than have rounds raining in on their fields.

Of course, this being Iraq, we have been trying to get the IPs to set up checkpoints in the area, but there is always some excuse followed by an Inshallah! Getting tired of that.

So anyway, it has been back to business, and with all the political moves going on, and what with Sadr extending the ceasefire and Iran (maybe?) backing off, I guess there is more hope here in Shialand than there has been in a while. But the place is still awash in weapons and bad men. And that's where we come in, to find and remove them, before they can hurt someone. It sure ain't easy in this land ruled by rumor.

New Years was good fun, I'll have to find a picture or two I can post. We blew off some steam, even though we had a mission that very night we managed to haul ass and get back in time to ring in the New Year with Spirit(s). [;) That was like a game of cat and mouse, as soon as we hit the objective we started getting reports of IEDs getting emplaced along our return route. But this time they underestimated us and most importantly "The Dude" who navigated us back. Too much to explain, but we were ready to decompress when we got back to the base. We ended the night around a nice warm bon-fire. It was like an episode of The Tomorrow Night Club. Don't worry, our fire pit isn't observable from any higher ground.


"D" said...

Here's how the USMC did counter battery fire:
Return fire quick- screw waiting..I mean in seconds give them 5 rounds on target, HE airburst... wait 5 min, fire 5 more, wait 10 min, fire 5 more and so on until you've rained HE down all over the place...taking out every little coward POS insurgent and his family and future family... and inshalmyass..
-CI-Roller (former 11C)

LT Nixon said...


Glad you could return some fire and drop the "rockets from the sky" as I heard a JAM-affiliated newspaper call it in Basrah after they got hit with counter fire. The Iraqi politicians in the Green Zone say Inshallah too, must have some sort of trickle down effect on the IPs. Are these people ever going to get their sh!t together? Inshallah.

Katana said...

Inshallah... Yeah. I'm asian. We don't have phrases like that.

I'm glad you had a rather good new years, though I should reprimand you (slap on the wrist!) for being a bad lil trooper. TSk tsk tsk.

Happy new year!

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 01/07/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

phil said...

Oh...the fire. Nothing beats a regular meeting of the Tommorrow night club.

Anonymous said...

the maternal instinct in me compells me to say for God's sake be careful, the other intinct I have a name for but can't use in mixed company, compells me to encourage you to get those scum sucking cowards. Sorry Grump. Mon and Tues had me down with a bug--I must be in a mood. You take care of yourself and your guys. I'm praying.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

D - that sounds effective, our issue is we aren't the Battlespace owner and we have to radio for permission. even though the conventionals aren't in our CoC, it is still their ground. the other issue is our guns are manned by my team, so we are all over the place when it happens.

kat - there's a saying, "What the 'O' don't know..."

phil - we even had a few firewalkers, just like the old days

LT Nixon - getting their sh!t together? no, can't see it happening

Hope - don't worry, i got me some last night

phil said...

You may have had a firewalker - but I had pizza with a crazy bald guy.

I can't say anymore here. I still have political aspirations.

Anonymous said...

Good GRump that's reaaaaal good. I don't suppose there's vid I can replay over and over and over??? never mind...I'll just go pack something...grin

"D" said...

the last job I was on helping the USMC..their counter battery blew up the neighborhoods so bad that the locals just started to shoot the insrugents when they saw them setting up a gun... that camp didn't get mortared after that...
"How can you win the hearts and minds of the heartless and the mindless?"
Do posting or e-mails more often so I know you're OK...even if it's that darn donkey...
CI-Rollder dude

Anonymous said...

I'm with CI-Roller...I'll take ass pictures myself. My standards are extremely low right now, but don't tell anyone.