Saturday, January 19, 2008

101st Post

I realized when I logged in that this is my 101st post. <sarcasm>Air Assualt, Hooo-ah!!!</sarcasm> - now I respect the 101st and have worked them, and just spent months at Campbell - they're good Troopers. But being from a real Airborne unit, I have to mock their Airborne designation, and I sure as hell don't go in for all that Hoo-ah, Hoo-ah shit.

I was thinking I would try to write Steaming Bowl of Suck, part 2, but I am too damn tired right now and I want to go call my wife. So I decided to post this - I promised I would put up a pic from our merry making. Fortunately the cameraman had a few too many, so I didn't really need to touch this up much. Now that Ashura is finally over, I think we need another bon-fire soon. I promise I will get an interesting post up soon.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it first and sleep...get sleep, brother.

Katana said...

hope, you're a softie.

Come on Sergeant, no excuses :-p I need moe fodder to read.

Anonymous said...

Op! She's on to me!!:) shrug...It is pretty sad huh? lol

LT Nixon said...


Hope you weren't hitting your back with metal chains like all the other Shiite Ashura pilgrims I saw on Al-Jazeera, haha, can't wait to read Steaming Bowl of Suck part deux.

Valley Girl said...

Mmm...military men in their uniforms and smoking cigars (at least I think that's what you guys are holding, right?). So. HOT. More pictures, please, soldier. =)

Army Sergeant said...

I'm really tempted to sponsor a whole lot of merry-making and claim, "No, really! It's for pictures for my blog, once you're toasty enough to not photograph straight!"

I'd credit you, of course. ;)