Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chirtmas Mookie

Tried to write an update today, but I am tired, have a headache, my feet are killing me, and this cough I have had for two months makes me see stars every time I have a coughing fit.

Things here have been interesting which doesn't necessarily mean good, but I'll save that for a proper update. I have gotten and shared a bunch of care packages - I am way behind in getting thank you e-mails out, but we are all grateful. I must say Hope's cookies are very good, but the brownies, holy shit what did you put in them?? Guys were fighting each other to get another brownie, I mean it - people were being thrown on the floor, out the door, etc.

Anyway, I am going to throw back a few beers and pass out, but thought you all might enjoy a peek at our early Christmas spirit - to the right is a picture of the Christmas Mookie. It is not well know, but Muqtada al-Sadr dresses up as Santa at the Iraq suug (marketplace) and hands out gifts and good tidings for all the little hajji's. One of his most popular gift is the lego advanced IED kit and the Mookie action doll with suicide belt.


"D" said...

Lego IED kit...I'll have to get one for Abu danny. Did you get any of the crap I sent yet?
Keep being funny, it'll help you survive this shit.

Anonymous said...

That's right appeal to my enormous ego...I'll get some more out and save the cookies for another time to avert a bloodbath. Make sure you are getting nough water..if your immune system is trashed and you aren't sleeping...which I know you are not...D and I trade notes from time to time and can do basic need to at LEAST get plenty of water. I'll try to think of some other things to send for your feet and that hack.