Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Srub and 2 Pins

Well we tried to sneak in one more jump today, but the winds were too high and it was scrubbed. On the other hand, we were able to promote 2 of our PFCs to Specialist today, which I was pretty thrilled about since it has taken waaaaaaay to long to get a certain nameless to sign the paperwork to get these guys their deserved promotion.

Now if we could just get our rocket scientist (yes, really, one of our Specialists is a Rocket Scientist in real life) promoted to SGT. Then again pigs may fly.


Anonymous said...

A dear friend of mine is a rocket scientist with a NASA contractor...early in our friendship the typical rocket scientist comment flew out of my mouth,"Yeah-- well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist..." and as I finished saying it, her face got a look that could only mean she WAS a rocket scientist..."Crap, you're a rocket scientist aren't you?" Slow nod and grin from friend...well at least I hadn't asked someone how far along they were when they weren't actually pregnant...I'll take the rocket scientist gaffe over that anyday. Wishing you better jump weather, SG.