Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Situation Normal

Things here are that weird Army mix of numbing boredom and pandemonium. At a moments notice everyone will be spun up that something has to get done 5 minutes ago, and all the while the (Master and) Commander is coming up with new checklists he wants on his desk - "by COB big Sarge." The next minute the entire team is hanging around with nothing to do, but no one leaves to take care of personal business because a new emergency could erupt at any moment.

Which reminds me of a little encounter between yours truly, and let's call him Chief (who ostensibly conducts our team meetings. I would like to say he facilitates our meetings, but that would be a lie.)

Anyhow, we were off to a mandatory Battalion meeting right before the start of the weekend. Everybody else was dismissed for the day - "go to the meeting then take off." Not us:

  • Chief: Okay, we need to head out to <place>, so make sure you are all there by 1400. Then let's get back here by 1630 in case there is anything to put out.
  • Grumpy: Uh, Chief, is there anything to put out?
  • Chief: That's what the meetings for.
  • Grumpy: *squints* Well, if there's nothing to put out then we don't need the meeting, so is there anything to put out.
  • Chief: We're gonna figure that out at the meeting.
  • Grumpy: *grimace* No, you're not following me. Does anyone here have anything to put out? If not, we can let the Troops go.
  • Chief: Damn it, I don't know - that why we need the meeting. Stop being so difficult!
  • Sergeant Major: Hey, are you still grumpy?
  • Grumpy: I told you, I'm not Grumpy, I'm bitter, get used to it
That was what led me to get my drink on, then somehow a party got started in my room, and my buddies drank all my roommates beer. (hic) Which may partially explain my previous post. But I won't have to worry about drunk blogging soon, more on that and G.O. #1 in a future post.

Among the men we sing that circus diddy (Thunder and Blazes, actually) whenever things start getting stupid. You know, "dunt-dut-duh-di-duh-duh", where the clowns coming running in, going in all directions. Gotta maintain a sense of humor or you'll break [;P

And in a post-script to the story of Ohmygodinajad speaking at Columbia, Iranian students didn't give him an ovation during his speech at Tehran University on Ocober 8th.
Mr. Ahmadinejad angered students and professors at the university after his election in 2005 when he appointed a cleric as the university’s president. Many liberal professors and students have been dismissed since then.
Student leader Abedini said that although Ahmadinejad responded to students' questions during his visit to Columbia University in New York last month, "he's not ready to listen to the questions of students at Tehran University and answer them." Well, I am sure we are all shocked that freedom of expression is repressed in that bastion of intellectual freedom that is Iran. At least the Iranians can be proud their students know how to stand up to a tyrant.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up. Keep up your sense of humor. IT is one of your best defenses--well I mean aside from automatic weaponry...that goes without saying...

Katana said...

If you and my husband ever talked, bitching and griping would ensue and a mutiny against the world as the commander knew it would ensue - I mean...what is the Army without the hurry-up-and-waits? What is the Army without the "colonel said show up at 0500, cpt said show up at 0445, lt says show up at 0430, sarge says show up at 0425..." cycle?

The whole system would implode, I tell you!

"D" said...

SSG Grumpy, My entire deployement to SFOR 14 & OIF3, were full of stupid useless meetings....I stopped going to most of them. Our last AT, I never went to a meeting....for a P/S, that was pretty brave. But our new BATT leadership is full of "never been deployed" REMFS.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

True, true. Nothing pissed me off more than having to show up an hour early for formation. Except having to have a formation in the first place. Which is why I am where I ended up. Shame on me for expecting it to be much better.