Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sergeant Grumpy is announcing the opening of Sergeant Grumpy's Warrior Store in an attempt to do something for a great organization that truly supports America's fighting men and women - Soldier's Angels. I have set up a separate account just for this, and every cent of commission earned, less what I have to pay out in income tax, will be donated to Soldier's Angels.

I have put together an initial list of Grumpy books and movies I found relevant, instructional, or inspiring in the following categories:

  • Counterinsurgency Essentials
  • War stories
  • For Warriors
  • Professional Development
The store is powered by so aside from my recommendations, anything you buy there via my store will result in a small commission paid by Amazon.

Why did I pick Soldier's Angels? Well, actually I didn't the readers over at VAJoe's did when the voted in the Charity for Charities poll back in August. When I was thinking about doing this, I figured that was good enough of an endorsement for me. If I start generating enough traffic there, I'll consider donating to more places. Please support this effort and tell your friends. [;)

A little about Soldier's Angels in their own words:
Our mission is to provide aid and comfort to the military and its families, provide immediate response to hard situations, and make sure no soldier feels unloved.We start with letters, care packages, and comfort items to our deployed. We also help their families here at home as requested.

Through special projects, dedicated teams and individuals supporting our troops we hope to make a difference in the lives of our soldiers.


Jane said...

Sgt. Grumpy,
Thank you so much. I belong to their website and have adopted a soldier through them. It also inspired me to volunteer for Aviation Nation this year in Las Vegas. I really do not know anyone in the Air Force, I have no connection other than I want to support the military and help keep up the morale. I will not be promoting my business through Aviation Nation, just simply attending as Jane. This is just so cool. Thanks again for supporting the website. They really are awesome.

lane said...

Good luck Sergeant. Charity for Charities certainly brought visitors to VAJoe, and enabled us to help many worthwhile charities with donations and increased awareness. Great idea on your part. Feel free to drop by the VAJoe forum or blog and mention your store.