Saturday, September 29, 2007

The smile of a child

I've seen it in Bosnia, i've seen it in Iraq, and i've seen it in New Orleans - that look from a child young enough to believe you are Superman, or a being from another land capable of the miraculous. Unless you are a fireman, you probably have no idea what it is like to have children stop and watch you pass in rapt attention with a look of awe and admiration on their face.

That look . . . it holds the hope, the wish, the prayer that you will live up to their belief that you can save the day. That you can keep them safe. That you can make it okay.

That look. It is is the glory and the horror.


Anonymous said...

ack...Sgt. you slay me everytime...lemme know if you need anything for humanitarian efforts..I'll get it out asap.

amy said...

Try to focus on the glory. The wonder and hope in children are the possibility of the future.

Jane said...

That look also comes from adults too. It is the child within crying out for help in the adult form. Send that warrior energy of yours to those people and tell them to start getting empowered. That is what the look is all about--saving the life and the soul.