Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rats from a sinking ship

Well the latest here is that our unit is being carved up, all of our teams are being attached to a different company, and about half of the non-eighteen series guys are being sent either to battalion or echelons above reality. I am the only intel Soldier left, and so all the admin crap T had been doing dropped in my lap. I hate admin crap. Usually, when something like this is happening to a unit, people fight to stay on the team, but not here, no. Everyone wants out, and I'm stuck. My reward for work well done maybe?

Not sure where I want to be now. On the one hand, I will be close enough to the action to be able to influence action on the ground, but only in one small geographic area. Being at a higher echelon doesn't always translate into great impact, since every unit distrusts the echelon above it, and are convinced they are out of touch with reality.

There's a moral here about human interaction, something that holds as true on the battlefield as it did when I was developing software with remote teams. Nothing replaces meeting people face to face. I could provide a team with the same intel as the analyst at battalion, but because he never leaves his desk and walks over to the team room, they think "he doesn't know shit, sitting up there with his head up his 4th point of contact"

That's my ramblings for the day, in the end it's not up to me where I go, but it does suck having all my friends pulled off the team.


Anonymous said...

What is it they say...No good deed? It does blow when your buddies are gone and you are left with detail you aren't wetting yourself over. Dunno what to tell you, 'cept I am glad to read your blog and to know you and yours are okay. I check in often. You take care.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I got this right: you guys have been training for how long together? So, you were like one well-oiled machine, so-to-speak. Ok, so now the team is breaking apart and going different ways? That's about right for  , isn't it?