Sunday, September 16, 2007

Che was a murderer

Sergeant Grumpy is going to be away for a while, I'll post again as soon as feasible.

With the protests in DC recently, and the antics of I am reminded of how fascist some on the far left can be. The have captured the Dems agenda thru aggressive intimidation. Many heroes of the left were mass murders, and if we had listened to these fools millions of people would still be enslaved by Communism in Europe.

And the recent desecration of the Vietnam Wall reminds me of a warning we received months ago at our Family Readiness conference as we were leaving home. We were advised to tell our families not to put out yellow ribbons or blue star flags. The reason it seems is that some sick people have been targeting homes with either of these and telling them their soldier had been killed in Iraq, or falsely asking for money for veterans. Sick and cowardly. I'd like to get my hands on one of these SOBs.


Polly said...

Offering another pair of hands here - that is so sick

Anonymous said...

Traveling mercies, Sgt--be safe-- especially during this Ramadan season....I have a yellow ribbon on my car--let 'em come. We are with you.


Jane said...

Sgt. Grumpy,
I have a yellow magnet on my car that supports the troops. I am sorry to hear that families of soldiers are being targeted. I am actually getting more involved and helping out at Avation Nation this year in Las Vegas.
Please stay safe. Thank you for what you are doing.