Saturday, September 15, 2007

Absurdity of the week

Rant Warning! OK, so I haven't been posting these weekly, but hey, there has been plenty of absurdity, trust me. The challenge is always where to start. So here's a few recent choice items.


  • My favorite quote from last week was "Ok, that's enough. Don't ask any more questions, it's complicated" So, let me get this straight - it's complicated, so in order for me to understand what it is I am supposed be doing I should not ask any questions. Hmm. Or is it that you don't understand and don't want a Staff Sergeant making you look stupid.
  • Most good leaders understand their subordinates are the one who make them succeed or fail, and seek out their buy-in and advice for major decisions - often we aren't even informed of major decisions until after the fact.
  • Being told we couldn't go to a questioning class because we have a lot of range time in September we can't miss. The problem is the training was in August. Trying to explain that to the SGM only gets you called a "whiner."
  • Sending the guys with the most experience to training and holding those who could use the training most in the rear to do admin bull.
  • Then sending off to another school the one guy who knows how to do the admin crap.