Sunday, August 5, 2007

Support Those Who Really Support Our Troops

While it has become cliché to say “I support the troops” without really doing anything to evidence that support, today I ask everyone who believes they support the troops to ask themselves what they are going to do today to lessen the pain and suffering of those who have paid a price for fighting on your behalf.

There are some great organizations out there who are dedicated to help our troops and their families, and here’s a great way for you to help them – visit and vote for your favorite military-focused charity. VAJoe is going to donate $2,000 to the charities as follows:

  • Grand Prize—$1,000
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Places—$300 each
  • Raffle—$100 for a randomly selected charity
That money can do a lot of good – from helping a family left behind in need, to providing temporary housing, or fighting for quality care for those who are wounded. And while you are voting, consider donating to some of those great causes, either from VAJoe’s site, or using the banners in the right column of this very blog. Sergeant Grumpy has been a long time supporter of the DAV and the American Legion's American Legacy Scholarship.


Anonymous said...

It's done! Voting was easy! Everyone vote before August 20th!