Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just a simple update.

This is a short update - I have been working my a$$ of at a MOUT site built for the 101st. Gotta give the 101st respect, but at the same time they are no longer a real Airborne unit - the 101st doesn't jump. So.... I am going on leave Friday to see my family, don't expect to hear too much from me then. BUT, I will respond to Paul, you are right and I won't disagree with you that it was Bush, not the the Dems, who got us into this mess, didn't listen to his military leaders, and, while winning the war f'd up the occupation.

However, those are all sunk costs. What we need to look at as is where we go next. I have an opinion, but in fact no matter what Congress decides I am pretty sure I will be there anyways. But we have to look at the present situation and decide which course provides the best benefit to the Nation. We should not be trying to minimize losses or worried about what other nations think, we should focus ondesireable outcomes. Kosovo was an "illegal" war, but no except the far right was upset about it. We need to look at where we are, and what the consequences are for pulling out.

A wise man once said - "the military doesn't make policy decisions". That is true. Do I want to go to Iraq, hell no. Do I want my son and daughter to have to deal with the consequences of our failure there? Hell no. So I am off to Iraq.

BTW, I have gotten a few requests for a picture, so here it is.