Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nashville Rocks

We finally got some real time off after several weeks of no weekends, and did we make up for it. Ft Campbell where we are is a short trip from Nashville, which we had heard from the guys stationed here to have a good music scene. So of course we piled into a van and headed into the city.

First we had dinner at a traditional German restaurant, something any of us who were ever in Germany appreciate, although we weren't served by traditional Frauleins. Even so, me and T threw back a pitcher each of some of the best Czech beer this side of the Atlantic, Staropramen. Mam to velmi rad!

Apparently the place to party in Nashville is 2nd Ave, and thankfully there weren't many Joes there. See Joe is usually drunk, or looking to fight, or both. Joe is typically young and all HOOAH. Well that's not how we roll.
joe [joh] -noun Term used by Soldiers to reference to the average Soldier; term used to referred to Soldiers in general; commonly derogatory: no matter where you look, there's Joe acting stupid

The scene reminded me a lot of Austin - live music, friendly people, lots of jumpin' bars. The blues and rock bands were awesome. We probably hit 6-7 bars that night with the obligatory stop at Coyote Ugly. I really hate that place, although I will admit they have a great if simple business model - get lots of money from drunk guys.
Needless to say we had a lot of fun and partied like Rock Stars (in our own minds at least.) That's one thing the guys in this unit know how to do well - we work our asses off, and then we go have a good time. While I'll have to spare the specifics, it is what you might expect from this kind of unit.

At one point in the night, we were in a pool hall and spotted a midget:
  • B: Holy s#@t, there's a midget in here
  • Bartender: Her name is Rachel
  • B: I don't care, she's a midget! I love midgets.
  • Bartender: Well she's single, go talk to her
  • B: I don't want to date her, but I will ask her to ride around in a clown suit on a tricycle!

If you were drunk and there at the time, you'd have been laughing so hard. So the night goes on and on like that until we're all rounded up by the DD (yes we're sort of responsible) and got lost on the way back. I do remember there being an stop at McD's for an endless bag of Cheeseburgers.

So that was Nashville - can't wait to go back.