Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ramp Jump

Quick update here - I finished up my Iraqi Arabic course, so now the hard part will be finding ways to maintain what I learned without any Iraqi speakers around. Of course once in country that won't be such an issue.

I had my first ramp jump off a C130 yesterday - it was a blast. Perfect weather for a jump too, sunny, warm, and almost no wind. I don't find it scary, but there are guys that are always really nervous, and they jump anyways, so I guess they're braver than me.

At the unit we're busy inventorying, packing, and just generally getting ready. There has also been a unusal amount of mis- or non- communication about what is going on or who needs to be where. Given that, as a unit, we won't be together much longer everyone seems taking it in stride. We'll see if things get better once we're in our permanent organizations.

And of course given where were going, drinking as often as possible. The theory seems to be that we can somehow drink extra now for what we won't drink there it will all balance out [;)