Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Political Correctness will kill you

A recent Inspector General report details how unsafe US airlines remain, as terrorists have repeatedly conducted dry runs on the nations airways, and nothing is done to stop them.

An air marshal who told The Times that he has been involved personally in terror probes that were ignored by federal security managers, called such behavior typical.

"Agency management was not only covering up numerous probes and dry-run encounters from Congress and other federal law-enforcement agencies, it was also hiding these incidents from their own flying air marshals," said P. Jeffrey Black, an air marshal stationed in Las Vegas.

Many U.S. Air Marshalls have complained, but those who have blown the whistle have been fired apparently. Airline pilots have also complained, many of them asking to be allowed to carry arms.

"What is disturbing to us as pilots is that there are now a number of incidents like this taking place across our industry and the vast majority of our flights are still defenseless," said Captain David Mackett, president of the Airline Pilots Security Alliance.

"If I were a member of Congress, I'd be asking some hard questions about why such a small percentage of flights have armed pilots or air marshals aboard, while the TSA whistles past the graveyard, asking us to believe none of this is related to terrorism," Mr. Mackett said.

This is something Congress should urgently take up. Apparently, the executives involved are more concerned with not being accused of profiling than with keeping the public safe. What is really inexcusable and almost incomprehensible is that these men were flying on expired Visas. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Anyone with an expired Visa should be detained at the check-in line, not allowed to get on a frickin' plane.

And just what is the flying public supposed to do? I guess we all need to be prepared to take matters into our own hands, and even then, you have to be prepared to be personally sued by Muslims who are offended at the idea that you may fear for your life when they are behaving in a manner consistent with terrorist operations.

So what should you look for? Here's what has been reported regular in these types of incidents:

  • All members of a party attempting to be reseated
  • Counting passengers
  • Being up in the aisle when the plane is taking off or landing
  • Pretending not to understanding English
  • Hand signals
  • Long trips to the bathroom
  • Excessive service requests of the aircrew (attempting to keep them tide up)

And the odds are these are all going to be Muslim males, probably Arabs, although there remains the possibility of them being African, European, or American converts. If the truth offends people that is too damn bad, perhaps they should ask why their religion produces such heartless, bloodthirsty cowards who use the name of God to justify their viciousness.

Be prepared to act, stay aware of what is going on around you, and don't hesitate to bring suspicious activity to the attention of the air crew.

Aside from that, you should contact your Congressional representatives and demand some action before the another attack is allowed to occur.