Friday, May 11, 2007

Funding delay starting to cause supply issues?

The delay in funding troops is starting to cause trouble in the supply chain, and quite possibly costing the lives of troops in the field. Anyone who reads this please contact your representatives and demand either the we withdraw immediately, or that funding be released. There have got to be other ways for the Dems and W to fight this out without continuing to hold up money. This nonsense of saying "we support the troops" but not providing critical funding is a lie.

Today I was finally issued my body armour, which had arrived late. It is the wrong size (small, which I am not) and green (I am going to Iraq). The color part really is more silly than an issue, but the size is a big problem because it doesn't fit. Additionally, the plates (which actually provide the ballistic protection) I was issued are for a medium vest, so the plates don't fit in the vest. I didn't want to even sign for it, but was told to take it and (maybe) I could exchange it later. My buddy was issued a small vest and large amour plates, which don't fit in the vest. I was told that the supply system was exhausted and we were lucky to get anything! I am seriously having to contemplate buying my own set. But I am hopeful that this will get straightened out before I get in country.

Blackfive is reporting that the delivery of new MRAP vehicles that can stop IEDs is being put at risk due to the delay in funding. This will eventually cost American GIs there lives, and is really unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

I have contacted my reps after reading this blog!