Thursday, April 19, 2007

Strategic Green

Being concerned about energy consumption and global warming isn't just for hippies and Dems anymore, there is a growing sentiment among those focused on National Security that these are serious concerns that need to be urgently addressed:

Take Thomas Friedman's new piece The Power of Green

No wonder more Americans have concluded that conserving oil to put less money in the hands of hostile forces is now a geostrategic imperative. President Bush’s refusal to do anything meaningful after 9/11 to reduce our gasoline usage really amounts to a policy of “No Mullah Left Behind.” James Woolsey, the former C.I.A. director, minces no words: “We are funding the rope for the hanging of ourselves.”

(read the rest, or what the video for the synopsis)

Sure you could say that is just an example of the media just following popular sentiment, but it goes further than that - even former Generals are calling for action - Climate Change Worries Military Advisers.
But what can you do? You can't exactly stop driving your care to work unless you live in a city with great mass transit, and there are only a few of those. Here are a few pain free ways you can help reduce energy consumption, and you can find lots more by just doing a little research on the internet.

  • Stop junk mail coming to your house. Not only is it a pain, but it wastes tons (literally) of energy. Here is how you can do it yourself; or you can avoid the hassle and let GreenDimes do it for you.

  • Turn your online shopping into trees and carbon offsets by shopping thru buy4good

  • Replace your old light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs


John said...

we can also push our state and federal politicians to remove the restrictions on nuclear power plants so we can go nuclear for cheaper than now. Think of the oil that would be conserved if we were to not burn any for electricity!