Thursday, April 19, 2007

Letting the Troops have their say, II

I sure don't intend to post twice a day, but Senator Reids comments today bear a response. And what a response he is getting, the best of what I've seen is coming directly from service members at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Many of them Democrats seem to actually rejoice in the difficulties we are having, believing it is a Republican loss, a loss by the hated GW. But that is pure politics - if we lose in Iraq, which will only happen if we chose to quit, it will be a loss for American. Despite the fact that GW got us into this mess, we have to find a way to check our enemies in Iraq, and if we withdraw, do it on our terms in a way that allows us to defend our friends in Iraq. (Hint: they are in the North, but more on this in a latter post.)

And this all on the same day it comes out that the Dems were refusing to meet with GEN Petraeus because they were "too busy" How in Hell could they be too busy to get an update on the situation in Iraq and Baghdad in particular from the man in charge on the ground, when this is the biggest issue facing our country right now?!

Perhaps Harry Reid made his outrages statement to take attention away from the stupidity of the Dems "scheduling" challenges?