Monday, April 23, 2007


Our media in the States is decidedly one-sided, and I don't mean Democratic. They are only interested in bad news and points of view that reinforce the idea the everything the US does is wrong or going badly.

For another take, you should check in on the excellent Iraq The Model (ITM) by Mohammed in Baghdad.

If we look at how the media handles the situation we'll find something like this almost everywhere;

Dozens killed, scores wounded in attacks suggest failure of security measures…

It's as if the speaker here wants to only emphasize the defect in security measures in a way that honestly angers and disgusts me.
When shall they realize, if ever, that we are dealing with brutal crimes against humanity, a genocide against the people of Iraq? Why don't people talk about the cruelty of the crimes and expose the obvious goals of the terrorists behind the crimes?

It is as if our media works for the killers and Al Qaeda in reinforcing the demoralization of the US public. Of course this is not a new issue for democracies to face a "5th column" clamouring for peace at any cost.

I am not interested in pacifism as a ‘moral phenomenon’. If Mr Savage and others imagine that one can somehow ‘overcome’ the German army by lying on one’s back, let them go on imagining it, but let them also wonder occasionally whether this is not an illusion due to security, too much money and a simple ignorance of the way in which things actually happen.
- Pacifism and the War, George Orwell, 1942

I can remember the likes of Kerry and Kennedy arguing that we should "live-and-let-live" with the Communist Bloc, essentially leaving all of Eastern Europe captive.

Senator Kerry has a long record as a defeatist and obstructionist. Back in 1971, he said, "we cannot fight communism all over the world" — adding in the same arrogant tone he uses today, "I think we should have learned that lesson by now."

It wasn't that bad they said, the people of those nations had just chosen a different system. The problem was they had a system forced on them, just as the Islamist are trying to do throughout the Muslim world, and unless there is a moral force in the world to stand up for freedom, they will win.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."- Albert Einstein